Inspiration of Blends Sauces

Oyster sauce with cola? Soy sauce and lemon juice? Dark soy sauce plus wild berry sauce? Just think out of the box of traditional taste and mix together two kinds of seasonings that are totally different, forming the new delicious taste that you have never thought of…the inter-flavored combinations bring you amazingly new tastes, and such innovative combinations lead to marriages of seasonings. Capable chefs won’t be bounded by rules, and so let us follow this crossover trend and enjoy sauce mixing!

In a recipe, seasonings seem to be an ordinary supporting role; however, its function is so profound that it is the soul of a delicious dish. Experienced chefs understand the idea of “good sauce makes good food”. Taking the example of Lee Kum Kee Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce that is made from condensation of 10 pounds of fresh oysters into 1 pound of finest extract, the sauce itself is rich in oyster flavor, matching it with other sauces, carbonated drinks or juice will form dishes and dishes of delicious food.


Making chicken in cola flavored marinade with cola and soy sauce is way too common. Try the match of oyster sauce and cola! Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce is well-known for bringing out the flavor of foods; adding cola not only can enhance the taste but its soda content can also soften the texture of pork ribs and the ribs can still remain tender after baking. The mixing of oyster sauce and cola is a breakthrough of the existing concept of sauce combinations, bringing out and enhancing the taste of pork ribs.

Honey citron tea

The Korean honey citron tea gathers the sweet taste of honey and good smell of pomelo, which can clear excess internal heat and is suitable for drinking in hot summer to quench thirst. Simply mixing with Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce as the salad dressing and pouring onto chilled fruits will give you a fruity salad that can gives you cool feeling in hot summer and is good for beauty!

Apple cider vinegar

Different from red wine vinegar which is always used to make salad dressing, apple cider vinegar is lighter in texture and has milder taste. Its light color and fruity smell forms a perfect match with Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce. The salad of fresh vegetables, fruits and seafood gives you a nice and cool feeling.

Chicken steak with blackcurrant sauce

Cooking chicken steak with Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce is already a fusion of east and west. Now, we are going to try something even newer by mixing blackcurrant juice with Premium Oyster Flavored Sauce, which not only adds in sweet and sour taste, but also gives the rich flavor of oyster sauce a dash of refreshing fruity smell. When the reddish brown sauce is poured over the chicken steaks which are pan-fried until golden, the attractive colors will make you mouthwatering!